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Interviewees and Sites

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Northern Ireland

  • Interviews

    • Rory O’Connoll, Director of Transitional Justice Institute at Ulster University

    • Pat Conway, Paralegal at Relatives for Justice

    • Martina McCann, Head of Communications at Commission for Victims and Survivors

    • Julieann Campbell, museum associate at Museum of Free Derry

    • Jean Hegarty, museum associate at Museum of Free Derry

    • Brian Grzymek, Deputy Director of Criminal Justice of Criminal Justice Services in Northern Ireland

    • Claire Johnson, Head of Policy at Alliance Party

    • Cath Collins, professor at Maynooth University

    • Joe Robinson, PhD Candidate on Transitional Justice at Maynooth University

    • John Teggart, Head of Ballymoney Massacre Campaign

    • Ron McMurray, ex-prisoner

    • Dominic Bryan, Professor of Anthropology, Symbols, Political Conflict, and Human Rights at Queen's University

  • Sites

    • Peace Walls

    • Falls Rd (Catholic Neighborhood)

    • Shankill Rd. (Protestant Neighborhood)

    • Linen Library

    • Ulster Museum, Troubles Exhibit

    • Museum of Free Derry

    • Bloody Sunday Memorial

    • Irish Republican History Museum

    • Garden of Remembrance Memorial

    • Bombay Street Massacre Memorial

    • Jimmy McCurrie and Robert Neill Memorial Garden

    • Stormont House


  • Interviews

    • Thomas Lutz, Head of Memorial Museums Department at Topography of Terror Museum

    • Marta Berecka, Curator of Diplomacy of Remembrance at Auschwitz (Poland)

    • Anna Stańczyk, Associate in Education Department at Auschwitz (Poland)

    • Matthias Heyl, Head of the Education Department at Ravensbruck Memorial Museum/Concentration Camp

    • Adam Kerpel Fronius, Project Manager for European Sites of Remembrance and Memorial for the Murdered Jews Foundation

    • Amélie zu Eulenburg, Historian at Potsdamer Gedenkstätte Lindenstraße Prison

    • Gesa Trojan, Researcher at German History Museum

    • Karen Till, Professor on Memory in Berlin at Maynooth University

    • Matthias Hass, Curator at House of the Wannsee Conference

    • Dr. Philipp Neumann-Thein, Deputy Director at Buchenwald Memorial/Concentration Camp

    • Sophia Brostean, Research Associate at Memorial Nuremberg Trials

    • Juju-Rogers, Afro-German artist on colonialism, capitalism, and pan-Africanism in Berlin

    • Dr. Astrid Betz, Researcher at Documentation Center of Nazi Party Rally Grounds in Nuremberg

    • Sophia Brostean, Researcher at Memoriam Nuremberg Trials

    • Dr. Ralf Possekel, Researcher at Memory, Responsibility, and Future Foundation

    • Dr. Peggy Piesche, Scholar on Black European Studies

    • Dimitra Goldman, activist at Anti-Colonial Berlin

  • Sites

    • Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

    • Topography of Terror Museum

    • German Resistance Memorial Center

    • German History Museum

    • Brandenburg Gate

    • Jewish Museum of Berlin

    • Checkpoint Charlie (Berlin Wall Memorial)

    • Berlin Wall Memorial

    • House of the Wannsee Conference Memorial

    • Documentation Center of Nazi Forced Labor

    • Stolpersteine (stumbling stones)

    • Memorial to the Murdered Members of the Reichstag

    • Sachsenhausen Memorial/Concentration Camp

    • Buchenwald Memorial/Concentration Camp

    • Ravensbruck Memorial/Concentration Camp

    • Berlin Olympic Stadium

    • Lindenstrasse Memorial Site

    • Memorial to the Murdered Sinti and Roma

    • Memorial to the Murdered Homosexuals

    • Memoriam Nuremberg Trials Courtroom

    • Nuremburg Nazi Party Rally Grounds

    • Jewish History Museum (Amsterdam)

    • National Holocaust Museum/Memorial (Amsterdam)

    • Anne Frank House (Amsterdam)

    • Tropen Museum (Amsterdam)

    • Auschwitz I (Poland)

    • Auschwitz II-Birkenau (Poland)

    • Yad Vashem (Israel)


  • Interviews

    • Philbert Kalisa, Director of Reach Rwanda

    • Sam Munderere, Director of SURF (Survivor’s Fund)

    • GAERG (Groupe des Anciens Etudiants Rescapes du Genocide)

      • Fideli NSENGIYAREMYE, Executive Secretary

      • Spent a majority of time under the direction of GAERG, who assisted me with interviews and site visits.

  • Sites

    • Kigali Genocide Memorial

    • AGEVA (NGO for widows of the Genocide)

    • Nyanaza Genocide Memorial

    • Campaign against the Genocide Memorial

    • Amahoro Stadium

    • Nyamata Healing Center for Genocide Survivors

South Africa

  • Interviews

    • Dr. Nigel Penn, Professor of Colonial Studies at the University of Cape Town

    • Mary Burton, anti-apartheid activist and former Truth & Reconciliation Commissioner for South Africa

    • Dr. Allan Boesak, anti-apartheid activist and leader in UDF (United Democratic Front)

    • Michael Weeder, Dean of St. George’s Cathedral

    • Father Micahel Lapsley, anti-apartheid activist and Director of the Institute for Healing of Memory

    • Jasmina Brankovic, Researcher at Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation

    • Dr. Hugo van der Merwe, Director of Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation

    • Dr. June Bam-Hutchinson, Professor of History at the University of Cape Town

    • Nicky Rousseau, Professor of Transitional Justice at the University of Western Cape

    • Dr. Thaddeus Metz, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Johannesburg

  • Sites

    • Langa Township

    • Bonnievale Township

    • Apartheid Benches

    • Mayibuye Centre, University of Western Cape

    • Cape Town Holocaust and Genocide Centre

    • Iziko Slave Lodge

    • Robben Island

    • Apartheid Museum

    • Freedom Park

    • Soweto Township

    • Hector Pieterson Memorial

    • Desmond Tutu’s House

    • Mandela House

    • Cradle of Humankind

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